Top 10 Photos from 2014

top 10 photos

My Top 10 Photos from 2014

Top 10 photos

Picking your top 10 photos is really not an easy thing to do, your favorite 100 or even top 50. So Last year I did 64 different photo sessions, both paid work and personal.

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10. Anonymous.

This was a super simple shot Bug and I did. To make it even more cool, ever once in a while I get asked how I did it.     (view post)

top 10 photos


09. Chris Rogers

I dont shoot guys but one of the few times I did this year this was my favorite shot.   (view post)



08. Retro Briana

You wana know how to get my attention.. wear something cool :). Briana caught my eye one day while on facebook she was wearing these dope red pants, so I facebook staked this FIDM chick and right away I liked her style and months later we collaborated and made some magic. (view post)


07 Fiona

Originally we were shooting something that was inspired by Patrick Demarchelier, and by the end of the shoot we started shooting something different. and thats why this is my favorite… the unplanned and unexpected. (view post)


06 Chloe

Strait out of camera NO no Photoshop NO editing. plain and simple (view post)


05. Chantal Bathtub Photoshoot AND Into the Woods

These TWO are favorite mostly cause their perfect examples of the things we go through to get an amazing shot. I think we had Chantal in the bathtub for like 2 hours. But the result was/is epic. (view post Bathtub Photoshoot)

top 10


As if I didn’t toucher the lovely Chantal enough, this time I brought her out to this super cool location that I later named The Mosquito Canyon Valley of Death. that was one itchy week.  I had a 20×30 print of this made and its fantastic. (view post)
top 10


04 Gatsby Inspired

lots of planning went into this session. It was fun and frustrating which makes it one i’ll remember the most.  (view post)



03 Dark Memoirs

This was the first time I worked with Sarah back in January. After posting this photo it’s been painted, drawn and even published. It’s one of my first photos that got posted on to Vogue Italy website. (view post)



02 Dark/Beautiful

Again working with Chantal, this is my favorites not only cause the photos came out amazing but because of the time that went into making the dress, searching for the right corset and jewelry. Its also the first time I used a mirror to capture images. This is a must see the rest of the photos type shoot cause they rock!  (view post)



01 Insta-Famous Beauty

Leilani always lives up to her Insta-Famous code name this shot is the second to get added to the site  every shot from this session came out exactly the way I had in my head. (view post)


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