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First off I didn’t exactly ask for permission to use his photos so I’m only going post two ūüôā but Peter if you ever come across this blog and want them taken down… just shoot me an email


I don’t remember exactly how I came across his work but I am¬†glad I did. Peter Coulson is an Australian based photographer who specializes in beauty and fashion. ¬†His black and white photography style is just as stunning at the models he uses. Peter and teaches at his workshops that he host all over the world. ¬†(recently he was in Los Angeles but I missed it)

I’d love to post all of his photos but since I cant check them out on his social media sites. for me the best place to view his best best all at once is on

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His style and body of work is so inspiring to me, check it out because I know it will inspire you. Now.. go out and create something!


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One of my favorite things about going to Peter Coulson’s blog is not only does he show how he created his photos but also posting which camera¬†camera he used as well as the settings. Of course all setting are going to be different no matter where you are, but this will give you a good start


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