PASS Galleries

For a while, I’ve been looking for something to replace my SmugMug account.

I’ll PASS!.. these galleries along, all day long!

2019 UPDATE: I stuck with SmugMug and I am glad I did. Pass is great but not for me. 

Last year one of my photo sharing websites SmugMug decided they were going to raise their prices for more than 60%. That is a lot of beer money if you ask me. Soo I’ve been looking for a something with a reasonable price that was just as good and I think I found that using PASS galleries. SmugMug has its advantages with ordering large prints but using PASS has its advantages in looks, social media integration, and price for what it is and does.

Here is a PASS gallery from the last wedding. It’s displayed in a beautiful Pinterest style and just makes all the images come to life.  I still use SmugMug to show clients but I have a feeling PASS is going to be a favorite among photographers of all kinds.

pass screenshot donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

more in detail on what they do

pass screenshot donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

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