The Beauty of Natural Light photography

Natural Light Photography donte tidwell los angeles photo

 The Beauty of Natural Light photography

Natural Light Photography.

The Beauty of Natural Light Photography. We all started out at one point shooting with natural light and placing our subjects in front of a window before moving on to strobes. While I still love shooting using strobes, I probably always prefer natural window light or outside in the open shade.

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All photos were shot using the Canon 5dm3 and the trusty 85mm; my go to lens.

Window Light

On this photo shoot, I did with actress/model Bella H. this was one of the first photos where I  started using reflectors to bounce more light into the face. The reflector, (silver and gold) gave it more of a natural and soft light feel. Without it,  I would have had a blown out background or a background with detail but harsh shadows on the face.  wpid5753-donte-tidwell-los-angeles-fashion-boudoir-portrait-photography.jpg

This shot of Chloe was shot with only the window. It’s one of my favorites because of the simplicity of it. There’s no Photoshop, no retouching of any kind of.

natural light photography donte tidwell


This shot of Sarah was shot using no reflectors just the light coming in from the windows. It helped that the whole room, including the floor, was all white.


Talea, and Chloe, I used a window plus a big white reflector to fill in any shadows that might appear.




If your a Boudoir shooter, natural light or window light is 100% the way to go. Hands down.


natural light boudoir photography donte tidwell


Ambient Light…

For me, I think these are best as snapshots.



Open Shade

One of the favorites the light is almost always soft but flat.

The perfect example of open shade, this was taking around 2 in the afternoon, I put Sarah in the shade next to a purple wall where this building across the way was also casting a cool shadow on, made a super interesting picture. The light on her face a semi-soft but not strong so that it makes those ugly shadows.


One of my favorites of Fiona. Open shade and the light is flat but beautiful it was also a little overcast. But notice there are no shadows on her face. *Opening up your aperture at f/1.2 helps a lot when you want to have a shallow depth of field (blurred background).




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