My Comment to PhotoVogue

I just feel like this needs to be said,

So after getting my 400th photo rejected to the editors at Vogue, I decided to leave a little comment in the comment section. I mean that’s what its there for right? 

A LOT of us work hard and put a lot of effort into creating our images and to have them rejected does suck BUT.. what sucks more is when you see the photos that are approved and look like something taken by a 5-year-old child. Many of these no-talent photographers have about 15+ pages of their photos on their portfolio. Some of them have the same photo only different pose… IT’S THE SAME PICTURE!!!

So all I am saying is it would be nice to have them looked out more closely before they are “rejected” by the amazing Vogue editorial staff. 


I do shoot a lot and I try and upload their two only photos at their odd hours *cause they’re in Italy and I’m in Cali.  but to show you what kind of work I’m referring to here’s some samples…

WHAT ARE THOSE!!?8108aa1f-ee49-4a11-803d-b2e5eff052d4_FULLSCREEN f6ac8e58-8819-4e3b-908f-1dad3c549e9b_FULLSCREEN

there are about 10 pictures of this girl laying next to a Christmas tree. wtf to that!

A lot of creativity went into this one!


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