Is It Really May Already?

may spring donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

May? Already??

May? that was fast.
There was this guy named Dennis who used to live around the corner from me. He was a Paramedic for the Los Angeles Fire Department. So pretty much he was in the top 5 coolest people I knew. When I was in high school I’d stop by his house and see what’s he’s been up to. One of the things that he told me that suck in my head was when he said, “Donte, stay in High School as long as you can, cause once you get out, everything goes by really, really fast. Before you know it, you’ll be fifty and saying, “woah! were did the time go?” Of course I fully listened to to his words of wisdom. Yeah right!! I was like any other high school teenager, a little shit, that thought I knew everything and could not wait to get out of there. Now, I know even though I have a long ways to go to the age of fifty, I know what he was talking bout.

So May… What’s up?

This month looking forward to:

*Jon and Joanna’s wedding coming up on the 18th.

Personally looking forward to:

*Paying off the car at the end of the month.  I can not even begin to describe that feeling.
*The new camera I just got off eBaY.
*Photo project I have three days to do and need a bunch of people to start and finish it.

Goals for the business

*Shoot more and Book more.
*Keep up posting blogs twice a week.  It’s harder than you think.
*Custom packaging
*Get to 600 on my Facebook

On a side note:
I made the best tuna steaks. first time ever making them AND on a charcoal grill, where there is no real temperature control. I’m pretty stoked on that so i’d thought I would throw that one in there.

 may_donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

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