My Lightroom and Photoshop Speed Workflow

lightroom photoshop workflow donte tidwell

My Lightroom and Photoshop Speed Workflow

My Lightroom and Photoshop Speed Workflow

How I sped up my Lightroom and Photoshop workflow and how I spend less time in front on my computer and more time shooting.

In this video whats going on is Lightroom is taking the RAW (.fff for me) files, exporting each and opening in Photoshop. Photoshop is then running two of my actions
1. Opening Portraiture, running Portrature and closing Portraiture,  making a mask layer in Photoshop so that way if the plugin is two strong and the skin looks like plastic I can go back and make some adjustment.
2. It’s running a black and white action with curve layers already set for dodging and burning.

Next Photoshop is going to save the file as a .PSD in the Lightroom folder with the rest of the RAW close it and repeat…  cool right? 🙂

I learned this with a lot of other tricks from the Lightroom guru Jared Platt. just by using actions and making a Droplett I can just hit export and turn on some Gossip Girl on Netflix.

This is how it works…

This first step is probably unnecessary but I’m putting it in there anyways. plus it’s part of my workflow.

This is the RAW (.fff) file in the Phocus software with a few adjustments already one good thing about Phocus and Capture One tethering is amazing and you can make one adjustment and it will apply to all while you are still shooting. No saving or making a preset. I shoot tetherd in black and white in Phocus and take off the black and white once I’m ready to export for Lightroom.

lightroom photoshop workflow 6.34.10 PM


So you got your files in Lightroom..

Perfect! So next go over to Photoshop and create a Droplet. FILE> AUTOMATE  > CREAT DROPLETlightroom photoshop workflow 1.11.38 PM

Youre going to choose which actions of yours you’ve made and might want to run. if you do not know about actions you should stop right here! Cause that’s whole other blog.


once you go to select “Create Droplet” this box pops up.


Save Droplet in.. choose the desktop for now. then you can test it and see if it works the way you want (opens runs action saves and closes)

Play this is to play the set name and the action under that set.

Destination Save and Close

Be sure to check those other two boxes.

Once you hit ok you get this icon on your desktop. While its on your desktop you can take a picture and drag it onto the droplet icon and it will run your droplet/actions from there.


Take your droplet once you checked and make sure its working like you want and put it on your Lightroom export setting folder.  LIBRARY>APPLICATION SUPPORT>ADOBE>LIGHTROOM>EXPORT ACTIONS._lightroom-photoshop-workflow--1.29.31-PM

Open up Lightroom, select the images you want to export then hit  COMMAND+SHIFT+E  _lightroom-photoshop-workflow--1.36.08-PM

Click ADD to make a preset and name it what you want, _lightroom-photoshop-workflow--1.36.20-PM

Export to the same folder as original_lightroom-photoshop-workflow--1.36.43-PM

In the Post Processing tab is where you should see your new Photoshop droplet.


Now hit export and watch it run.

If this helped let me know 🙂 if it didnt help let me know.

Lightroom and Photoshop

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