donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo goals

lately I’ve been setting these goals for myself and for the future business of mine..

I’ve been posting them in my monthly post. Well, one of those goals that were listed for July’s blog post  and a post for June

Goal NO.1 from June. to finally up grade Laptops.   When Apple first came out with their MacBook Air back in 2009 I was like I want that. but as the cameras got better the programs got faster but the MBA (MacBook Air) got slower. Soon that computer was only good for surfing the internet. First the sound six months before and then just freezing. Right before a wedding it just said “Donte’ I can’t do anymore.” los angeles wedding photo macbook pro goals So FINALLY I make the switch to a MacBook Pro with Retina and let me just say.. “WOW!” it’s like faster than the MacPro quadcore “The Beast” I use for all the big  jobs. but now if needed to, I can shoot and edit on location.

GOAL NO.2 from July was to sell my old Canon 5d Mark II and upgrade to the 5d Mark III camera. It’s wasn’t until a past wedding the same wedding as the laptop where I decided to rent the Mark III from www.LensProtogo.com and I fell in love with it.  What a big difference from the Mark II, and saying BIG.

So what made me decide to do it? well for one NO MORE CAR PAYMENT!! that was a biggie, and made it a lot easier financially. Well I can officially check off two HUGE boxes off my “One Day” list

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