Family Portrait 2016

family portrait

Family Portrait and The 90’s Wall Project.

Family Portrait

Back in 2011 I attempted to create a family photo to hang in the house. Well if you seen this post Family Portrait I did a while back you know that it did not go as planned, people showing up late didn’t help either. Yes I’m looking at you Andre and Crystal. I never used the photos from that day except the one of my brother and niece. So inspired once again I was going to start my new project.

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The 90’s Wall Project

family portrait 2016 a

Every time I see these old graduation pictures hanging up at my parents, I think these are so embarrassing. more embarrassing as these couches, but thats a different story.. one small step at a time.

The weird hamster/mouse trap looking thing down below is a project for my moms classroom.

These graduation pictures were taken back in the day. They’re not bad from a photographer point of view. They’re nicely lit and printed. but they also look like those glamour pictures you get from the mall. All thats missing is that pink bowa.

So after MONTHS of trying to convince her that these need to go she finally said, “well if you can find a picture to go in its place then ok you can take them down.” I was like, psshhh OK!! so went on the internet and did some Googling and the next day down and into the closet those horrible ancient pictures went.


Taken w my iPhone 6s Plus


While searching the internet I had in my mind that I needed to do this BIG but not expensive big so large canvas or metal prints would not work, although would have looked super cool.  I decided go with regular print 20×30 in a large frame. What found was these beautiful mats from Amazon. and since I had my Amazon Prime I could have them here in two days.


Cool now i just need to go find a frame. So over to Micheal’s I went searching for a frame.  I waited a few days till Black Friday hoping they would have some good ones and sure enough… 60% off SCORE!!!!  I grabbed two white ones and headed home.

family portrait 2016

Got out my cool mats I got a few weeks before off Amazon, got out the box of prints I had printed from AdoramaPix over the years and and laid it all out on the floor thinking… hmmm decisions, decisions 🙂


IMG_5768 IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5773

I thought theese would be cool but not to have in the livingroom in the parents house so I setteled on The Blue Door in Santorini I do love this picture and can recall almost everything bout the whole experience of getting that shot.



After all that ordering framing shopping driving planing. I didnt really like how this picture was looking. it was too small. So after all that I thought well this is boring looking and remember hearing Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith talk about the family and documenting everything over the holidays in his podcast. then remembered how I wanted to do that family picture a few years back and thought that I’d give that a second try.  However since the main problem was this was too small for this large room so I though in stead of on picture i’ll do three separate pictures, My brothers family, my sis and her boyfriend Jeff, and me and my mom the problem was having everyone here at the same time and that was only going to happen on Christmas.  So let EVERYONE know that we were taking family picture so don’t showing up looking like crap. I never like how my niece’s hair looks so I was kinda happy when I heard she was getting her hair done a week before. sorry but braids are so 1990s to me. 

Christmas came and we’re all here my Sister and Jeff from Carlsbad, my Brother Crystal and Sariya. we were all here it was pretty nice. present opened, we ate a bunch watch A Christmas Story on TBS  and then I started setting up for pictures something I’ve done hundreds of times but rearly with me being on the other side of the lens. and the pictures I got came out so good. family 20151225 142

family 20151225 045 family 20151225 113

So now to have them uploaded to AdoramaPix to have printed while they still had their holiday sale going on.  I guess a lot of people had the same idea as me because they were pretty busy with that sale they had. 🙂 no big deal cause I still needed to find frames, and buy more mats from Amazon.

Prints are here!

IMG_6347 IMG_6409 IMG_6433IMG_6410 IMG_6384

So now……..

THE 90’S WALL 2.0


and some outtakes


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