Back Up!

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Well if you have been to my blog before you’re noticing there is a lot missing as far as post and content. That’s because the one thing I didn’t think or know is to keep back ups of your database.  I keep back ups of my website files and I use Time Machine on both laptop and desktop so I’m no stranger to backing up my data. So how did I not think about backing up this? Ugh so now I’m starting over from scratch. This is going to be fun! oh well, lesson learned right? its kinda like that old saying “you cant cry over spilled milk” who thought of that I wonder. Because it really dose not make since. Just like, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

So how’d it happen? well I had this idea I wanted to move my sub-domain (blog.dontetidwell) over too  I loved my old website, (you can see it here) I built it my self, but when I made it in part HTML and part Flash. Anyways, while I was moving stuff  and ended up deleting the wrong thing. 🙁 The folks at Godaddy said they might be able to restore it, but it would cost $150.00. I don’t think so! Their hosting service is slow enough.

This did inspire me to do a Work Flow blog post so be on the look out for that.

So for now… we rebuild, repost and eat In N Out at 12:50am.

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