August 2013

August  = X-Games, X-Games, X-Games

Can you tell what I’m excited about this month? you know what sucks, is that this is the last year they will be in Los Angeles.  That’s right! next year they are packing it up and moving to Austin Texas 🙁
Funny thing thats been goin on lately is how my mom is addicted to the TV show LOST.  It’s so funny I posted bout it.

One of my favorite shots from last month with the new Mark III see the rest here. 

  august 2013 wpid2250-los-angeles-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-5.jpg

So what’s going down in the August town?

This month looking forward to:

Well if you read the above you already know what I’m lookin fwd to.
Last Month I shot Miss P well this month I got to shoot with her again but using the new camera check out part of her set herewhich leads me into this post GOALS and it’s one that you should check out.

Personally looking forward to:

Selling and upgrading. My goal to sell is my Canon 5D Mark II to upgrade to the III


Goals for the business

Last month: *Pricing.  there’s going to be some changes. so get ready for simple and easy, as well as new products *
Last month:  *Upgrade from the 5d Mark II to the III  DONE!
*Get to 600 700 800 900 on my Facebook

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