Talea’s Rockstar Hair

donte tidwell talea Los Angeles Wedding Photography 0002

Talea stopped by the other day..

I’ve known Talea since back in the MySpace days. Yes! I still have mine and go on there every 4-6 months or something. Since 2004 we’ve always joked about making giant forts and things, but it wasn’t until I started noticing her awesome rainbow hair in the photos she’d post on her Instagram. and over months and months her hair got more cool and more cool and mooooore cool. till finally I just said bring me your awesome face, I want to use it for testing. She said sure that’d be fun, and we tried and tried to get together but her busy schedule and mine it was just taking forever.

So last week I was retouching a few photos from a session where I forgot to grab the Expodisc by from my ThinkTank bag and into my messenger bag. I shot everything on AWB or Auto White Balance mode. They looked great, but I wondered how much of difference they actually make (I love them btw). So I decided to text Talea and see if by some off chance she was not doing anything today for about an hour and was free for some testing. I’m always testing! I wanted to see the difference from an Expodisc or using auto white balance. thats for another post.

But Talea you look so amazing I love these photos so much I had to share and you will probably see a lot more of this face and her rockstar hair 🙂

donte tidwell talea Los Angeles Wedding Photography 0002 donte tidwell talea Los Angeles Wedding Photography 0002

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