Streets of Los Angeles Vol I

Streets of Los Angeles Vol. I


Streets of Los Angeles Vol. I  (2009)

I started doing street photography back in 2007. walking up and down the streets of downtown Los Angeles, California on my way to work.  later I started doing Portraits for a Dollar..

This was my first trip downtown exploring with friend Brianna. Mostly I was interest in the old buildings. Later, I was most into documenting the people doing just everyday things. later in this series you start to see I was getting more and more closer to my subjects.

This is Vol I of a very large Los Angeles street photography library.


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wpid6321-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0020.jpg wpid6319-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0019.jpg wpid6317-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0018.jpg wpid6315-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0017.jpg

Im pretty sure we ate pigeon tacos as they were super disgusting. wpid6313-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0016.jpgReally cold old movie theater. The guy working there gave us permission to go and take a few pictures of the inside. 
wpid6311-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0015.jpg wpid6309-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0014.jpg wpid6307-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0013.jpg
wpid6299-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0009.jpg wpid6297-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0008.jpgwpid6303-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0011.jpg wpid6295-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0007.jpg wpid6293-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0006.jpg wpid6291-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0005.jpg wpid6289-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0004.jpg

We met this guy he was super friendly. He was from some other country (can’t remember which one) he said all his stuff was stolen including his camera so he asked if we would take a pic of him and email it to him. So we did. wpid6287-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0003.jpg wpid6285-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0002.jpg wpid6283-Streets-of-Los-Angeles-20090228-0001.jpg

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