september 2013

september donte tidwell los angeles wedding photography

September 2013, three months left until 2014

Fifty years ago since MLK gave his “I Have A Dream” speech.
Twenty-two years ago (9/01) Ronald Weasley poked his head into Harry Potter’s compartment and asked, “Do you mind? Everywhere else is full.”
It’s hard to believe that that was twenty-two years ago, I feel old.

This September post is going to be a little different post my favorites of the month.. so here we go!

iPhone and iPad app

1) Project 365 Pro  $0.99 this is an fantastic app that I use every single day for the past 3.5 years. It’s basically a photo calendar. Take a picture, add it to the calendar and you can go back and see what you did that day. (theres also a free version)
2) VSCO CAM   $free great photo/camera app with some awesome effects VSCO and their photoshop plug-ins are really cool.
3) Top Model Release   $9.00  yeah $9. bucks right??  I’d spent more than that on a night out of drinking, thats how I justified it, along with “CYA” “cover your ass”  So what it is is a model release form on your iphone/ipad and it’s well worth it.

This is cool..

check out the story behind this.
first place

Fav photos from a few sets Ive shot in August.

september 2013

Malibu Ca. with model Naz

september 2013

Fashion shoot w model Amanda out in El Mirage dry lake bed in CA

september 2013

Outdoor boudoir shoot with model Mallory Antelope Valley, CA.

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