Photo Studio Make Over Part II

Photo Studio Make Over Part II Painting

Photo Studio Make Over Part II

If you were following Part I then you know about my new project. I was stoked how much room I had now to move around in. unlike before were I was squeezing in between things and moving junk around. (black v flat on the floor that I was painting).


studio makeover b6

It was during this test shoot with Talea was when I knew I had more work to do. lifting lights stands and changing rolls of paper was a lot of work and I wanted a more simple way of doing things.

studio make over c5

So I went on Amazon and invested in a Avenger A5029. Yup It’s light stand.. with WHEELS.
studio make over c8

The next step was to get rid of that dirty green carpet and start getting these walls painted and the cracks filled with caulking.

studio make over c9 studio make over c11studio make over c10 studio make over c12

Now, anyone who knows me knows I hate painting.  BUT I do like making videos so heres one. of me hating painting.

Studio Make Over from Donte Tidwell on Vimeo.

Now that the walls were painted I installed Fotodiox’s Triple Roller Paper Drive Set from Amazon. *the hardware they give you for mounting was pretty wimpy so I recommend you go to the hardware store and get some real bolts so later on the whole thing does not come crashing down. 

studio make over c13 studio make over c14

studio make over c16 studio make over c15studio make over c17 studio make over c18

Next up, lets do something bout these floors.. The paint I used came from Home Depot and one gallon cover a pretty large space.

studio make over c19studio make over c1

studio make over c22 studio make over c23
studio make over c25

About three coats and it was donestudio make over c28 studio make over c29studio make over c26

had to share this idea. I move this chair around a lot and use it a lot but I didnt want to mark up the floors so I put tennis balls under the feet. studio make over c35

To Be Continued.. again…

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