OUCH! That Hurt

My neck, my back….

Well its really just my back but oh man this suck and its not like a hurt pain really its more like an OUCH! and then I start laughing.

On Sunday I went out and did a 8 mile bike. The week before a 12 mile ride few day later a 4 mile run so clearly I’m not an old fat lazy person (yet) 🙂  so how is it the other day Im sweeping the studio and when I  bent down to pick up a dustpan (that weighs less than half of pound) on my up.. “HELLO!” it felt like someone flipped a switch from normal to old 90 year old man or something.

I cant even edit. I tried sitting at my desk and to edit a couple pictures from last week but couldnt sit in the chair.  When I went to stand up it took about 30 seconds and once I was all the way up, I almost fell on my face.

According to a friend and WebMD.com its a sciatic nerve. That’s right, I’ve been taken out by a dustpan. On a side note: for the longest time I thought the sciatic nerve was located in the shoulder, all because of a Pauly Shore movie.. thanks a lot Bud and Doil, “tribal!!”

So here I am laying on the floor w my laptop, third day in a row and watching this tv show Slasher on Netflix.

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