October 2013

october 2013 donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

October.. second best month of the year!

Other than April (my birthday) October is the best month of the year. November and December are cool July is awesome. but, ya! you get the point.
So why is the best?  Halloween! second favorite holiday next to Independence day. The TV shows scary movies, Its A Great Pumpkin Charlie brown, 13 Nights of Halloween, the Halloween Parties. Ok, how could you not love October?


favorite app of the month.
Hipstamatic. This camera iPhone app is amazing! for a $1.99 you can turn your iPhone into a bunch of different cameras. i think ima do a post about this app. It was taking off a few years ago but along came Instagram and their free app. A lot of people abandoned Hipstamatic and it just slowly faded away from its popularity status.

Favorite website/blogs Ive been frequently visiting.

CreativeLIVE great site for if you want to learn a whole lot about photography, Photoshop and Lightroom or just want learn the business side but dont want to go sit in a classroom to do it, these online courses are FREE. be ready for a brain overload.
Models.com Models gives you a great look at the news trends in the fashion world.
Emily Soto I just cant get enough of her work Emily is a fashion photographer who’s work amazes me every time she post something.
Zoriah an amazing photojournalist that Ive been following for almost 5 years now.

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Last month I got to shoot some cool stuff my favorite was my nieces 5th birthday.  (its a PASS gallery so the link will be gone soon)
October 2013

Got to shoot an Outdoor Boudoir with JB I love using the sun as a back light.

october 2013 donte tidwell

Got to shot with Chantal my favorite model for shooting fashion

donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

Shot some really good photos with my beautiful pal HP.


Untill next month and the usual Tuesday and Thursday post..
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