Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Schneider 06.22.2013

los angeles wedding photography

Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Joe & Katie Schneider

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Katie and Joe met through mutual friends many years ago, and dated for quite some time… After going different ways in their lives and dealing with life’s struggles they found each other again several years later. Having very similar personalities they talked as if they never left off finding comfort in each other as they discussed everything they had gone through over the years. Over many laughs and several beers they began to enjoy each other’s company again. Days became more frequent as they turned into months and years. Not denying the chemistry between each other they knew that they were in each other’s lives again for a reason. They slowly started dating, and living together. Joe was the one Katie had always had eyes for; and Joe always knew deep down that Katie was the choice he should have made years prior. So naturally it was truly a fate case that was in the making. Joe and Katie enjoy many things together, especially their football, Joe, his friends and family would gather at his parents’ house every Sunday’s for football, and lunch, so after careful planning it was nothing but the perfect time for Joe to pop the question. Katie knowing Joe’s past very well would not expect that Sunday to be anything more that a normal football day with the friends and family. He proposed to Katie in front of his closest friends and family that Sunday taking her for a loop, it is what she always wanted, but never thought it would happen. Joe and Katie are truly one of those love stories where if you love something you will set it free, if it finds you again it was meant to be. They now reside in Orange County Ca with their 3 dogs, their house and all their toys they love so much to enjoy, truly creating the happily ever after story.


Wedding cermony took place a the Double Tree Club by Hilton – Santa Ana, CA

Wedding Coordinator  Mary Van Gerwen

Videographer Brandon & Gaby McCray at Cupid Films www.cupidsfilms.com

Florist Becca Schneider.

Cake Artist Sheree Estrella

Hair and Makeup Erica Walker Crockett

Wedding dress  David’s Bridal

Men’s tuxes come from? Friar Tux

Photo booth. Michelle Kauffman at Drunken Pixel Photography.

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joe and katie from donte Tidwell on Vimeo.

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