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2013 is already half over?

June? Weren’t we just shouting “Happy New Year” not to long ago?

So last months posting I wrote about looking forward to Jon and Joanna’s wedding.. nailed it!! you can check out their sneak peek here. Full post coming this week.
And of course paying off the car. Such a happy feeling $380.00 a month for 5 years, I’ll never do that again. But I love that car, I’ll never let anything happen to it…except that time I got it stuck in a ditch 🙂
Recently my MacBook Air started to give me serious problems first the sound went out. That’s right! theres no sound. then it just started freezing up all the time. thank goodness for Time Machine it saved me more than once. So I ended up getting a MacBook Pro. Stay Tuned for that!!

So June and your gloom… What’s up?

This month looking forward to:

*Joe and Katie’s wedding coming up on the 22. Anyone who knows me knows Katie is my long time friend who I talk to pretty much everyday.

Personally looking forward to:

*SUMMER. Long nights, short days,
*Selling my old MacBook Air to make room for the new laptop.
*Seeing some old friends at my good friends wedding.
*Showing Jon and Joanna their wedding photos.

Goals for the business

*Pricing.  there’s going to be some changes. so get ready for simple and easy, as well as new products
*Shoot more and Book more.
*Keep up posting blogs twice a week.  It’s harder than you think.
*Upgrade from the 5d Mark II to the III
*Get to 600 700 on my Facebook

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