I Was Just Returning Some Pants..

The Story behind Juliana, “The Macy’s Girl“..

Back in April, I was cleaning out the closet and found a whole bunch of new pants from Macy’s that didn’t fit (they were too big) So I after a week I finally decided to take them back. I walked in the store and the sale girl gives me store credit which was cool with me because I needed a new dress shirt for a upcoming wedding I was photographing. I’m making my way over to the mens department I see this tall girl with blonde hair.  Cool! I though so I went, shopped, found a shirt and made my way back to the exit door by my car and there she was not only tall and blonde skinny and but had no tattoos. NO tattoos that like never happens…never! Perfect! I had to know who she was. The problem is she was working and had a costumer, so for a guy that could be kinda weird, “hey you can I take pictures of you and post them on the internet?” “uhh! SECURITY!! STRANGER DANGER!!” (its not really like that)  So I walked around the mall and texted Kendra (she’s the one that usual finds models) with “there’s this tall blonde with an amazing look that we need to shoot with, WHY ARENT YOU HERE?!  Ten minuets go by and I’m bored of the mall so I go back and just as she was leaving. I said hi and tell her I’m a photographer blah blah blah and gave her one of my business cards by MOO! (they make impressive business cards). I told myself, If I don’t hear back from her in two weeks i’ll go back BUT the shirt I got was too small so I ended up going back a week later and on the way out I saw her again. so I went over there and said, “oh look! heres another card” and handed her another card. 🙂 We talked for a few to convince her I wasn’t some creepy guy I pulled out my iPhone 6 Plus and showed her my portfolio. That’s exactly why I wanted the 6 Plus. Over the next few months I showed her some ideas,  and three months later.. we made it happen.  I’m so happy with the way they turned out and all the bug bites and ruined shoes and sock made it all worth it.
And I was just there to return some pants.

Canon 5DM3 85mm f/1.2
Westcott reflector

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Two things, ALWAYS keep business cards on you professional ones w your images on it and having a portfolio on your phone always helps.


Behind the Scenes…

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This hurt so bad!!

This hurt so bad!!

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