Hollywood Sign Hike

The Hollywood Sign Hike

So now that Maria is out on bail fresh out of jail California dreamin. No wait! thats the lyrics to California Love. Ok really, She’s out of  the hospital after two weeks and looking amazing, as always!  what’s a better thing to do in Los Angeles, in February, in 70 degree weather? go outside and go for a hike. That’s what! and of course send pictures of this awesome warm and sunny weather to your friends on the east coast, who are freezing and have like 5 feet of snow. PLUS I had this planed since The Bet.

How to get to the sign, Exit Vine, but go strait on Franklin don’t turn and go down vine. About four stoplights you get to Beachwood, and go north towards the sign. Beachwood is a great street for those in car pictures of the sign. Stay on Beachwood past the Cafe and take it all the way till the street ends and you get to the gates of the ranch. find some parking and which is surprisingly FREE  That’ll change soon, the city will find some way to make money off that go past the gates follow the signs and start your 2.5 mile hike up to the top.

You know what I don’t get, is that you are allowed to bring your dog and if it poops your suppose to have a bag so you can pick up the poop and dispose of it in a trash can… ok thats cool! but the people who have the horse ranch, the horses just shit all over the trail so the the first half mile your trying not to step in large horse junk all while that inhaling wonderful smell of crap.

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150218 001

From the top you gotta take pictures for the social media sites 🙂 and plus you just walked 2 miles when normally you might be at home listening to Pandora and writing about…..

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 002 Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 006

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 005 Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 004  On the way down, if you hang a right and walk on that road for about a mile a good spot were you can get a pic with the sign in back of you.

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 008 Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 007 Hollywood Sign Hike 20150218 013IMG_9933    So after all that walking we got pretty hungry and headed over to the famous PINK’S Hotdogs. After burning off those 400+ calories, we had to get them back. Plus she’s never been. 🙂 The onion rings are bomb.com just so you know.

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 009

Random EXTREME close up car selfie in Pinks parking lot…..

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 010

After we were stuffed and getting cold we took a drive up in the Hollyweird hills to the Lake Hollywood Reservoir. which good 3 mile loop.  If one day you’re ever bored go over to The Lake Hollywood Park and see how many photographers are there w their tripods 🙂
I’m so impressed with the iPhone 6 plus camera, Even the front facing one was improved so much. its cool cause the aperture goes down to f/2.2 which rocks cause it was pretty dark.

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150217 011

Last stop of the night,
We headed over to Frog Frozen Yogurt Bar. Sooooo good! and my view wasn’t too bad either so this picture speaks for it’s self. just make sure you get your parking validated.

Hollywood Sign Hike 20150218 012

So like beth said at the end of Cloverfield before she got killed,

“I had a great day!”

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