Dark Beautiful

donte tidwell los angeles

Dark Beautiful

Dark/Beautiful ft. Chantal

Partly Inspired by fashion photographer Paolo Roversi‘s work. Chantal and I experminted shooting into dirty dusty mirrors, manual focusing to get that soft look and feel and low light and very wide apertures.  I love how it turned out! The skirt was made my me using 20 yards of tulle from the fabric store and the corset from Ebay. (i didn’t get a discount or anything so they don’t need credit 🙂 )

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wpid5731-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-8.jpg wpid5729-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-7.jpg wpid5727-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-6.jpg wpid5723-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-4.jpg wpid5721-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-3.jpg wpid5719-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-2.jpg wpid5717-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo.jpg

I loved these candid test shots.

wpid5792-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-5.jpg wpid5790-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-4.jpg wpid5788-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-3.jpg wpid5786-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo-2.jpg wpid5784-los-angeles-fashion-wedding-photography-donte-tidwell-photo.jpg
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