CreativeLIVE + Ebay + Lightroom

shuttle pro v2 donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

CreativeLIVE + Ebay + Lightroom

Not to long ago, sometime last year actually, I was watching CreativeLIVE with Zach and Jody  learning about their Lightroom workflow. It was right about the time I was making the switch to from Aperture the once promising photo editing program from Apple before they abandoned it over to Lightroom. While Zach was talking bout their Lightroom workflow he mentioned going to a workshop by Jared Platt and while he was there picking up  this weird looking controller from Contour Design called ShuttlePRO v2. This thing looked like something strait off the deck of the Starship Enterprise. Few months later Jared Platt, the Lightroom guru himself was on CreativeLive and thats when I saw it again in action and I thought thats pretty bad ass I want one.  But that wasn’t all he had in his bag-of-tricks he pulled out something I knew right away I had to have.

Delkin Devices ImageRouter Card Reader/Writer & USB Hub, yeah thats what I said…   I went on B&H and Adroama looking for prices for these things but Jared mentioned they stopped making the ImageRouters, so that was going to be hard to find.  So I went to my usual source for buying photo gear Ebay. Yep! I’ve bought pretty much every piece of camera equipment I own off that website. I found a used ShuttlePro for under $40.00 most of them were selling for $80.00.  The card reader I pretty much had 1/100 chances of finding, since they were not in production anymore, so the ones that had them weren’t selling them.  Then one day I happen to type it in and there one was and I had to have it.


ShuttlePro v2

This thing really does look confusing right? its SO simple to program or you can even purchase Jared Platt’s setting from his online store and once you get use to its just make a few changes. but WOW did this speed things up. back in the Aperture days it would take me well over a week to edit a full 3000 photo wedding. Now it takes me about a day.  One more super cool thing bout this is it works with any program MAC or PC. I have different setting for Safari, VLC player iTunes and more.

shuttle pro v2 donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

Delkin ImageRouter

This was one brilliant device. If you shoot multiple cards and most of us do, this should be a must have normally when I get home from a wedding I would take the cards and put them in to my MacPro using Lexar high-speed USB 3.0 card readers. They are fantastic and very fast with the Lexar CF cards that I use find out which ones here.  With the ImageRouter you can import 4 cards at the same time. If you have more than one you can link them all together and just have one big file to import. You can also buy their software and do all kindas of things on import. However, you can make a preset and have Lightroom do it for you.

Delkin Devices ImageRouter Card Reader/Writer & USB Hub donte tidwell los angeles wedding photo

These two things costed me less than $80.00 cause I got them used off Ebay and have changed things in a big way for me. Now that summer is coming and it’s getting warmer i’ll be spending less time in front of the computer and more time licking widows and other shinny things.

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