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These are the some of the websites I bookmark and/or regularly visit.

CreativeLIVE hosts live video tutorials and training courses – they are FREE when they are live, but the entire classes (usually 3 days) can be purchased for a very reasonable fee and a fraction of what in-person workshops costs. Their library covers many areas of photography and they have been branching out into showcasing other creative mediums.

Free online network that brings you tutorials and shows that aim to educate every level of photographer. I find their channels really inspiring and well put together. What I love about Framed is that they are constantly on the look out for showcasing new talent! Also isn’t their host Melissa Nu wonderful?

Fashion Spot
A fashion photography based forum that showcases the latest runway shows, fashion editorials, trends and news on designers and the latest campaigns. I love visiting websites like this for inspiration and to keep me up to date with the latest news in the industry.

Fashion Gone Rogue
Similar to the Fashion Spot. I keep this website bookmarked to check out the latest editorials and to keep up to date with new faces and trends within in the industry. I also use this to find out about new magazines within the industry.
Resource for the modeling and fashion industry. This website highlights the top and upcoming models in the industry and lists who is working on what campaign or editorial It’s also a great resource to find out about creatives and research model agencies. The directory is useful as it lists creative and photographer reps.

FStoppers is an excellent resource to all kinds of photographers and videographers and has opened my eyes to a number of things! They feature in-depth interviews with creatives, tutorials and interesting articles. These guys are great to follow on social media for a dose of daily inspiration.

PDN Online
Photo District News – PDN is primarily a magazine for the professional photographer. Their website is a great resource and it’s one of the no.1 places to find our the latest industry news on gear, companies and individuals. There’s also a number of features and regular contests on the website.

A Photo Editor
A blog about photography by photo editor Rob Haggart. The content is usually very interesting and insightful. What I love about this blog is that the posts are very open and honest. Some of the articles I found insightful are linked below.
Advice For Photo Assistants –
Expert Advice, Finding a Rep –

It’s own title explains it best ‘Visual Inspiration from Flickr’s best photographers’. Flickr was one of my early online communities that inspired me to get into fashion photographer and I relied on it for constructive critiscim. Nowadays Flickr has become a huge visual inspiration bank. Flickrista is useful because it handpicks visually beautiful photography. Keep this one in your bookmarks for daily inspiration.

Quick Breakdown

Blogs, Facebook’s and YouTube channels I follow

Karl Taylor

Zenmotion | Zhang Jingna

Emily Soto
YouTube channel (must see)

Sue Bryce

Amanda Diaz

Lara Jade

Craig Lamere

Matthew Jordan Smith

Websites Cont.
Big Picture
Fashion Editorials
Vouge Italia
Katch Studios


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