Chloe Un-Edited

“Just Take My Picture”      


“But I’m not a model,” She said…      

top 10 photos

Top 10 Photos from 2014

My Top 10 Photos from 2014      

Insta-famous Beauty

Insta-famous Beauty ft Leilani      


Heather, This beautiful redhead…      

Natural Light Photography donte tidwell los angeles photo

The Beauty of Natural Light photography

 The Beauty of Natural Light photography      

October Photos 2014

 Photos from October.      

chantal donte tidwell los angeles photographer


Chantal, the PopTart killah!      


Talea and she’s Pink

It’s Talea and she’s PINK!      

sister maternity

Sister Maternity Photography Michelle and Heather

Sister Maternity Photography – Bellies and Babies      

boudoir maternity donte tidwell los angeles photography

Boudoir Maternity Photography – Heather

Boudoir Maternity Photography – Heather      

Into the Woods ft. Chantal

Chantal is out of the bathtub.      

leilani donte tidwell los angeles portrait fashion photography



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