2016 January – December

best of 2016

2016, January – December

 Best of 2016

As I was looking through my hard drive from 2016, I realized there was a lot of cool photos. People I’ve just met and got to photograph as well as old friends I had not seen in years. There was a lot of pictures, like 1.5 terabytes full, and just from 2016. So I put together a few of my favorites from January to December.

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2016 Year


Hannah. Started off the year photographing Hannah who said she needed headshots before going off to college. View more here.

Alexia. you can also find her published on the NIF Magazine website. view more here.

Amanda. Amanda came to me and said she has a new tattoo and wants to take a few pictures that shows it. so we got a little creative and cut holes in this red dress I had. her tattoo represents her fight with Multiple Sclerosis. more here.

Sarah. this was one of my last pictures taken with my Canon camera. Also,  you can find this set of photos published on NIF Magazine site.


February was when this awesome box arrived at my house. A medium format 50-megapixel Hasselblad camera.

Ericka & Mike. Ericka was the first test shoot I did on the new camera was done on her.


Chantal. this was the actual full new camera test. We went on a small photoventure to do some outdoor and indoor testing. View more here.

Talea. Couldn’t believe how much attention this photo got on the interwebs. especially from DeviantArt. view more here.


The Macy’s Girl. I just texted her with “Hey! I want to tie your up in 20 feet of yarn.” and she said ok  View more here.

Jessica.  now it’s always fun when you tell your friends I want to cover you in paint and oil, then wrap you up in a metal chain that will be hanging from the ceiling. and then we’ll send the photos to Dark Beauty Magazine. View more here.

AnneMarie. These two were just too cute.

Mayra. Cloe, that’s my mood every day.


The Macys Girl.  This has to be one of my favorite photo shoots we’ve done. and one of my favorites of the year. So much planning and shopping to find the right look.  The end results were so great they went on to NIF Magazine.  Check out our behind the scenes video here.


Diamond. it’s no mystery why I say “she looked like art” I love this shot. and even though it was in the month of May, IT WAS COLD!

Sarina.  She was like, “is that snoop?” so naturally that nickname is stuck with her.

Andrea. She and I collaborate so often, I post her pictures in “parts” just cause we do so much plus she’s so fun to work with. View more here.

Laura. I did a few portraits of my friend and photographer Laura.  She knows how to work a camera but when it comes to chopsticks,  it’s a whole other story


The Macy’s Girl.  One year later we returned to the same location as our first photo shoot. This time I shot behind the scenes video on my iPhone and GoPro camera. View video here.


Maria & Daniel.  I love when people do themed/detailed sessions. and Maria (aka Pancakes) is for sure a planner. just have a look at this one we did last year.  surprisingly these two and ME keep this a secret for six or seven months.


Miss J. now this was super fun. but this photo I love cause of the lighting.

Sarina. Snoop!!  We basically went on a 2-mile hike in 90-degree weather and let me tell you.. it was hot and so is she. view more here.

Andrea.  Andrea came by and we tested out my new strip light.

Sarah. Unpublished photos we shot for magazine submission.

Farrah. and Kendra came out and shot this amazing set.   View more here.

The Macy’s Girl. this is one of many unpublished pictures we did that we sent out to different online magazines.

Diamond. The Selfie Princess.


Mallory.  “The Light” and  “Underexposed”  sets were completely raw as in unedited which meant NO PHOTOSHOP. the only thing done to these were converted to black and white in Phocus.  since then I’ve been doing very little to none at all editing with my pictures.


Pancakes. I got Maria and Daniel back over just a few days before she had the baby. I had this one picture idea in my mind and that was to kinda recreate this picture her and I done back in 2011

October 17, 2016


October 19, 2011

Andrea.. yup we were at it again..


Ericka. I gotta say I give her props because of all the detail she put into this. from the clothes to the cupcakes to the pillows.

Cecilia. By far one of the best personalities I’ve had in front of my camera all year. View more here.

Chloe. This test shot of Chloe is just amazing.

Then the rest of the pictures I liked so much, I’m putting more than on here.



Abreanna. That hair of hers.

Heather.  If there’s anyone that can rock her amazing sexy curvy body,  it’s hands down this woman.


Juliana.  The Macy’s girl last shoot for a while. Finally, we got a chance to do this picture that I have been wanting do for a pretty long time.  but sadly it was the last one for a few months because The Macys girl has moved. but, when she comes back to visit. you know we’ll be right back at it again.

Taylor. Taylor is my new obsession and the last person I had in front of my camera in 2016.  However,  I already have tons of ideas in my head so this isn’t the last we’ve seen of her. (no photoshop image)

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